The ME-ISAC is a trusted non-profit member-driven community that serves as the central focal point for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of risk, threat, and vulnerability information among its members.

All Media and Entertainment companies are facing common threats. What attacks one of us, will eventually attack all of us. By working together and sharing information about observed threats, the industry as a whole can create a herd immunity to threats and better defend itself. We are stronger together.

Operating as an initiative within the CDSA for the benefit of the entire media and entertainment industry, the ME-ISAC provides members bidirectional sharing of intelligence on incidents, threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and associated remediations in the form of alerts, threat intelligence feeds, newsletters, forums, best practices, training, and similar services.

The ME-ISAC will engage in cooperative partnerships with trade associations, government, law enforcement, and other cross-sector sharing forums on behalf of its members in order to deliver timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence received from multiple disparate sources into a single curated stream.