Working Groups


The Media & Entertainment industry is made up of multiple sub-sectors that each have unique issues and requirements. The ME-ISAC enables members to focus on specific topics of interest via membership in a variety of special interest working groups. A primary benefit of ME-ISAC membership is the ability to collaborate with colleagues and subject matter experts from other member companies on common topics. Involvement in an ME-ISAC working group is a great way to engage with peers in other member companies.


Film Studio Working Group

The ME-ISAC Film Studio Working Group enables content owners to collaborate on anti-piracy investigations, content security best practices, and related topics.


Video Game Working Group

The ME-ISAC Video Game Working Group focuses on the unique threats related to attackers attempting to subvert game copy protections, cheat in online games, attacks on gaming servers, and other types of fraud affecting gaming companies.


Physical Security Working Group

The ME-ISAC Physical Security Working Group provides a forum for subject-matter experts from within our membership to discuss physical security and business continuity issues and share effective practices to mitigate or respond to threats.


Broadcasting Working Group

The ME-ISAC Broadcasting Working Group provides a forum for subject matter experts in TV and Radio stations to collaborate on threats that could take their station off the air.


Advertising Working Group

The ME-ISAC Advertising Working Group focuses on advertising fraud, malvertising, and other issues of interest to advertising agencies and the media companies hosting advertising.


Print Media Working Group

The ME-ISAC Print Media Working Group enables newspaper, magazine, and publishing companies to collaborate on threats, risks, and vulnerabilities they have in common, to include disinformation and security of journalists.